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Oz has declared that ‘this year’s will be a junglist carnival’. Oz is a designer and the owner of Against All Oz, a shop in Ladbroke Grove, west London, that sells ‘street fashion with a ragga vibe’. The music, a strange hybrid of hip hop break beats and ragga samples, grew out of the hardcore […]

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The achievements the person should only be used to stimulate a sense of pride and adoration for the person. Quite often, in the process of praising the work of the person, the projection of the person as the central theme is sidelined. Thus, the ultimate goal must be to focus public attention on the subject. […]

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A: In Bonnie Clyde, I love that sort of mens y but still feminine, and the softness in The Great Gatsby, the wispiness, was a sort of play as well. It’s just a touch of that we don’t go super whispy, we’ve been kind of cleaning up a little bit especially with the past year, […]

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"After I hid the treasure I walked back to my car feeling very proud of myself and laughing out loud," he said. "I asked, ‘Forrest, did you really do that?’ There have never been any regrets. Now it is for the ages and a big part of me in that treasure chest. The perfect pair […]

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I have gone to some "custom" suit shops in dc but their frames start at a 36 for the jacket and my arms end up swimming in them (eating more hamburgers won’t help, although a number of shops have offered up that advice). Even if a "traditional men’s jacket" fits my chest, my arms and […]

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Nyong’o would make a perfect fit as a guest editor in any number of trade, current events or women’s publication. Elle magazine, are you listening?’True’ TV yes, TVThere was a time when a young, rising film star would never want to risk her big screen momentum by working on the small screen, but that time […]

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For good or ill, Lauren’s first creations sparked the wide tie and lapel boom of the late 1960s and early ’70s. His ties were four inches wide, compared with the then standard 2 1/2 inches, came in vibrant Italian silk patterns and were priced at $15, more than double the conventional rate. "For anyone who […]

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Ralph Lauren offers you this vintage wool shawl cardigan well, it not exactly vintage, but it definitely vintage inspired. Ralph Lauren has plumbed the styles of British designers to the point that he has now blurred the lines between American and British fashion. Constructed of a thick Merino wool with a button closure and ribbed […]

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You can virtually get nearly anything that you may believe of in Orchard Avenue. Also, you will discover also plenty of cineplexes for yourself to catch the newest films with your enjoy ones. Plaza Singapura is located at Dhoby Ghaut and is renowned for its boutiques and Cineplex. Of course, within the last year, numerous […]